Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling Used To Play Underwear Games


See if you can find Britney, Christina, Justin, and Ryan (and guest star Jodie Sweetin from Full House) in this amazingly prescient shot from The Mickey Mouse Club.

The photo pops up in Jodie’s memoir UnSweetined, the one about her battle with meth, booze, speed, and the Olsen twins.

(Kidding. She loves the Olsen twins.)

Sweetin admits that she had a huge crush on Gosling and they’d call each other a few times, her pulse racing like a speed car every time.

“One time I called him and he was at Justin Timberlake‘s house,” she remembers.

“Instead of paying attention to me, he was focused on goofing off with Justin, each of them daring the other to run around the house in just his underwear.

“Typical boy stuff,” she adds.

Yeah — in Chelsea!