The Other Michael Musto!


I once got a call from a TV producer doing a biographical show about the cartoonishly appealing blond starlet Jayne Mansfield, who tragically died in a 1967 car crash.

I was thrilled to come aboard as a commentator, having loved Jayne’s campy film appearances, as well as her record album of Shakespeare sonnets and Tchaikovsky tunes, which I actually owned.

But when they found out I wasn’t the Michael Musto they wanted, they promptly canned me.

See, Jayne’s last starring film, Single Room Furnished, was executive-produced and co-written by a guy named Michael Musto! And that’s who they were looking for!

I would have been a perfect talking head for that show anyway.

Furnished happens to be one of my movie-club faves — a three-in-one tale about a woman’s fall to prostitution, and an added narration by gossip columnist Walter Winchell makes it no less incoherent.

But Jayne — a/k/a Mariska Hargitay‘s mom — is surprisingly touching in the film (which was made in 1966, released that year, pulled back, and re-released after her death in ’68).

That Michael Musto has no other credits on IMDb, but still, if I couldn’t be this Michael Musto, I would have loved to be that one!