Bloomberg Administration Launching ‘One Cigarette is One Too Many’ Campaign


First it was smoking in restaurants, then bars, then parks and beaches, and now city government is going after the casual smokers’ daily cigarette or two. The Bloomberg administration is launching a television campaign aimed at “light” smokers, defined as those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day. The press release describes the new campaign:

This is the Department’s first campaign specifically targeting light smokers – those who smoke fewer than 10 cigarettes per day – with information on the dangerous health effects of even light or casual smoking. The campaign, called “One Cigarette is One Too Many,” contrasts people defending their light smoking with the grim realities of the well-documented health effects from light smoking. One ad shows a woman under the quote, “I only smoke when I take breaks at work…” followed by the warning, “She could still have a heart attack.”

The TV ad will run through January 15. The Health Department is giving out free nicotine gum to “eligible smokers” who qualify as light smokers for the duration of that period. Next up: gum and a targeted media campaign for people who think about having a cigarette sometimes.