BREAKING: Has Topless Breakfast Come to an End in Montreal?


It’s a sad time for the Canadians who think that breakfast is best served with boobs, since their Montreal hangout — topless diner Restaurant Les Princesses d’Hochelaga — is now a fully clothed eatery.

As detailed by the CBC, the restaurant has been serving up morning staples such as “eggs and pancakes” for 11 years, and is just like a completely typical greasy spoon, except for that whole waitresses-with-bare-breasts thing.

Alas, Princesses has become more like a Denny’s than the type of joint you might reasonably expect to have “Double D’s” in the name.

Apparently, the eatery has been embroiled in a legal dispute with the city for seven years. The municipality has long claimed that the restaurant, a favorite of tourists, cannot feature nearly nude waitresses since it does not have a permit to exhibit eroticism, the CBC reports.

The Hochelaga hot spot can’t get a permit, since it’s so close to the Olympic Stadium.

Some have noted that this is not the first such establishment to shutter, leaving them to question whether the era of topless eats is coming to a close in Montreal.

The waitresses now wear minidresses and vests, the CBC reports.

The management has also pulled the plug on the porn that used to run constantly on the restaurant’s television screens.

It’s still unclear whether the owners are going to make customers suffer through boring, televised athletic events instead — just like at too many New York establishments — since they can’t show skin flicks.