Four Gay Movies You Could Have Seen This Year


Of course, the filmmakers will say, “They’re not gay movies; they’re actually about the human experience,” blah blah.

Yeah, well, anyway, the four gay movies are:

Pariah (above)

Sort of a lesbian Precious, with a Fort Greene girl gradually emerging into her lesbianhood, despite a gal pal who won’t commit and a mother who even goes beyond Mo’Nique when it comes to scary non-supportiveness. A sassy and sweet film by Dee Rees, this just opened in theaters.

Gun Hill Road

Similar to Pariah in that it centers on a young person going through a transition as a parent intolerably disapproves. In this case, Bronx kid Michael (the haunting Harmony Santana) is becoming more comfortable as Vanessa, but Dad (Esai Morales), an ex-con who’s come home after three years in prison, isn’t having it. A strong drama about the testing of familial ties directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green, and one of the year’s most memorable LGBT-themed films.


Life in Iran, complete with porn dubbing, druggie parties, morality police, and lots of sapphism. I found this film by Maryam Keshavarz original and brimming with truths, but it seemed to fall through the art-house cracks. Give it some life, people.


A nice little British film by Andrew Haigh about two guys who share a few days together and mumble a lot and get to know each other and ultimately have to end it all, bittersweetly enough. Nothing momentous — except that it actually portrays gays as people who are sexual and human and neither victims nor villains. And for that reason alone, you should have seen it!

Oh, well. Try to catch this queer-druple bill in 2012, please.

Do it for mama.