Here Is Your Mesmerizing Subway Video of the Day


Add this to your collection of things posted on YouTube that happened on the New York City subway this year. This one, “Zilla March,” is from a group called The Next Level Squad; they’re doing a Brooklyn-bred mix of street dancing and contorting called flexing. The gas masks do give us pause, and this definitely breaks our rules of subway behavior, but the performance is pretty awesome — way better than some stupid old lo mein fight.

To their credit, the commuters involved seem positively nonplussed, and even somewhat amused, by the shirtless, gas-mask clad guys (and one sports-bra-clad woman) boarding their train. Perhaps because the performance aspect becomes quickly apparent and, like we said, they’re actually pretty good.

2012: Upping the ante for the things we do on the subway. Just…maybe without the gas masks? They freak us out, sorry.

Daily Intel via BoingBoing