OWS Protester Bags Andrew Cuomo’s Groceries Instead of Confronting Him


Governor Andrew Cuomo, his girlfriend Sandra Lee, and his two daughters are on vacation this week in the Adirondacks. On Monday night, Cuomo was seen buying groceries in Lake Placid at the Price Chopper supermarket. A shopper described Cuomo as “really friendly and seemed thrilled to be in the area.”

Less thrilled: Jon Hochschartner, the man who bagged the governor’s groceries. Hochschartner is a former Zuccotti occupier who works at the Price Chopper. He used Cuomo’s visit as an opportunity to almost tell him that he disagrees with his stances on the state budget and taxes.

Hochschartner gave his account to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise: “I was standing near the cash registers and saw him out of the corner of my eye a couple of aisles away,” he told the Enterprise via email. “It was strange seeing him walking around the store, with his family, without any sort of entourage.”

He continued:

“When we rang him up, I was trying to steel myself to express disapproval of his austerity policies,” he said. “I was considering telling him that I was one of the Occupy protestors heckling him outside the Skylight Soho, or that I didn’t think a tax deal endorsed by the Business Council of New York State, like his was, could be ‘progressive’ by any stretch of the imagination. But ultimately I lost my nerve and just helped bag his groceries.”

The revolution continues apace.

[via Daily Intel]