The Taxi and Limousine Commission Has Turned Into Your Mother


Upset or perhaps personally just really offended that a majority — 65 percent! — of yellow cab passengers are not doing the barest minimum to keep themselves safe, and did we really raise you this way, I don’t think so, put your goddamn seatbelt on when you’re riding in a cab, you don’t know how that stranger is going to drive, sorry, we know you’re a grownup now, but could you take a little better care of yourself? — the TLC has announced it will run reminder ads on taxi TVs to “convince” passengers to buckle up.

Why we don’t buckle our seatbelts in cabs is a mystery, really, because 90 percent of people use them in private vehicles. Maybe we’re embarrassed. Maybe it’s not “manly.” Maybe in all the excitement we just forget. In any case, there’s a video now, featuring TLC Commissioner David Yassky, to remind you that accidents do happen! Buckle your seatbelt, lest they happen to you worse than they might have. In 2009, only 41 percent of people involved in reported crashes in which light to moderate injuries were sustained were wearing seatbelts.

This reminder, of course, relies on the fact that you’ll actually watch TV (which is frying your small brain!) in the cab long enough to see it, and that you’ll pay attention instead of staring out the window and playing with your hair. Focus! If you try to turn the TV off, don’t press too hard. You might hurt your wittle finger.

P.S. Yes, Mom, we ALWAYS wear our seatbelt in the cab. Unlike, as appears in this photo, Mayor Bloomberg and David Yassky.

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