Let’s Agree Not to Use These Words Ever Again, or At Least Not For a While


We love banning things and we love the English language, so you can only imagine the joy in our hearts upon encountering Lake Superior State’s “List of Banished Words” for the year. While some of our most abhorred digi-speak is missing from this list, the list-makers make up for it by banning “Baby Bump.” Unless that’s a small fry-sized portion of cocaine that can be snorted out of a diaper, we want nothing to do with it. (Too far?)

The word people hated the most, ironically, was AMAZING. Like, literally, “Amazing.” Everyone hates it, whether because it’s used incorrectly, or just all the time, or by Martha Stewart (she’s hip!). We suggest “totally, epically awesome dood” instead. No, we suggest cutting your face off if you say that.

Other banned words include “Shared Sacrifice,” “Occupy,” “Blowback,” “Man Cave” (ew), “the New Normal,” “Pet Parent” (what the fuck is that?), “Trickeration” (what the fuck is that, two?), “Win the Future,” and “Ginormous.”

“Thank you in advance” for not using these words. Can we add “hipster” to the list? Also, “neuticles,” “Twitterverse,” and “tweeps.” We really hate “tweeps.”

[Lake Superior State University 2012 List of Banished Words via Gawker]