Sound Of The City’s 11 Clickiest Posts Of 2011


We’re about to close up shop here until 2012, and what better way to send out the year that birthed trollgaze than to run down the 11 posts on Sound of the City that generated the most pageviews over the course of the past 52 weeks? Enjoy this look back on the psyche of our readers, and have a happy beginning to your new year.

11. Q&A: Flynt Flossy On The Past, Present, And Future Of Turquoise Jeep Records (January 20, 2011)
Nick Murray talks to the founding member of the crew behind “Lemme Smang It” and other smangers — er, bangers.

10. What The Lineup For Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio Music Festival Says About Radio Formats In 2011 (July 11, 2011)
Diagnosing radio formats based on the lineup for Clear Channel’s big party in Las Vegas. Spoiler: Rock is in pretty rough shape.

9. Top 10 Super Bowl 2012 Halftime-Show Possibilities (February 7, 2011)
2012’s annual orgy of consumerism and smooshing will have its halftime show headlined by Madonna, but we can always hope for “Taylor Swift’s Adversaries” to take over the following year’s slot.

8. Top 5 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows (February 4, 2011)
Poor Janet Jackson.

7. Why Do People Loathe Nickelback So Much? (And Do They Deserve It?) (November 4, 2011)
People really like talking about the NFL’s choices for halftime entertainment! Especially when the culture is predisposed to thinking that the act in question is terrible.

6. Will Smith: Not Dead (May 31, 2011)
When the Internet tried to kill the Fresh Prince — for the first time in 2011, anyway; this hoax popped up a lot — we got on the case.

5. Love vs. Money: The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and R&B’s Future Shock (March 23, 2011)
Sean Fennessey broke down the allure of the new wave of R&B, which was nowhere near its cresting point early this spring.

4. Beavis And Butt-Head Return To A Racier, More Snookified MTV (July 29, 2011)
Jess Harvell on why having the couch-bound duo take on Jersey Shore and other MTV reality shows made perfect sense, even if it did break the hearts of purists.

3. Top 10 Lex Luger Tracks You Probably Haven’t Heard (But Probably Should) (January 12, 2011)
Go listen to “No Romance” right now.

2. The 10 Best Post-Prison Lil Wayne Songs (Plus the Other 16!) (March 25, 2011)
In the first five months after he got out of jail, Lil Wayne recorded 26 songs. Here they are, ranked.

1. Which Musical Genre Was South Park Spoofing With “Tween Wave”? (July 9, 2011)
The South Park episode on getting older and leaving the music of your youth behind raised a bunch of questions, but this one keeps viewers guessing every single time it’s rerun. (FYI: It was probably dubstep.)