This Week’s Specials: Perfect Pork and Poisonous-Tasting Booze


And now, a look back at what was on the menu here at Fork in the Road this week.

Robert Sietsema warmly welcomes 2012 with a look back at the 11 Most Astonishing Dishes of 2011.

Lauren Shockey samples the small plates at Greenpoint newcomer Calyer and finds the tapas-style eatery passes her taste test.

Victoria Bekiempis samples bad bubbly, and finds that cheap cava is the better way to party on a budget this New Year’s Eve.

Lauren Bloomberg tells you what not to eat with a list of the grossest holiday recipes.

Robert Sietsema decides that dinner not only ends well at Allswell — every course achieves excellence.

Lauren Shockey buys Bigoli’s agnolotti and thinks they taste like “pockets of veal-y delight.”

Victoria Bekiempis tries Cossack Vodka and, somewhat miraculously, lives!