Violet the NYU Hawk Has Died


Yesterday, it looked as though Violet the NYU hawk mother and star of the Bobst library hawk cam was doing OK apart from her cheating husband. She had been captured and was receiving treatment for her injured leg. Now, City Room reports that Violet has died. She was thought to be around five years old.

Robert Horvath, the Long Island man rehabilitating Violet, told City Room that she died of “heart-related complications” after a surgery to amputate her necrotic foot.

Violet had been struggling with leg problems for months. Back in November, people started noticing that her foot was dangling uselessly. The Department of Environmental Conservation and Protection decided not to intervene. Horvath and his wife Cathy captured Violet in Washington Square Park on Saturday to bring her home for treatment, but it seems it was too late and Violet couldn’t survive her surgery.

She is survived by baby Pip and former mate Bobby.