A January Vacation Week For Healing And Regrouping


I’ve had my second foot surgery to remove those protruding things that made it impossible for me to wear actual shoes!

If I’d kept going with those barfy bunions, I’d be forced to continue wearing all sorts of Kmart slippers, galoshes, and so on, with various plastic bags and pillowcases for extra layering — a real mess.

It looked terribly fashion-forward, mind you, but still, it just wasn’t healthy! My feet were always feeling frozen and squozen, and it was the biggest nightmare I’d ever experienced below my knees.

So I went under the knife. Twice. Double OUCH!!!

Kindly give me this week to recover and try to look presentable again.

Meanwhile, even in traction, I’ve managed to type up an absolutely marvelous column for you, and I’ll be sure to hobble over to the computer and alert you to it on Wednesday.

And then it’s right back to keeping my feet — and in fact, my entire legs — elevated high in the air!

I probably would have anyway!