Brooklyn Nets Set To Go All Disney On Their Employees


When you have to open an arena that seats a crowd of 18,000 skeptical New Yorkers, there’s really only one person you can call to give you advice — dear old Mickey Mouse. The House of Mouse entertains visitors with extreme robotic precision and that’s what the Brooklyn Nets are looking to emulate. According to The New York Post, the owners of the Barclays Center, the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, are working closely with the Walt Disney employee training division to make sure their workers are well versed in perfect customer service. The Nets are even thinking about using 4-D sensory technology that could even make Walt’s frozen face change into a grin.

About that 4-D technology, The Post says:

The sensory experiences could be basketball-related or for something as simple as buying ice cream, officials said.

For any skeptics of the arena’s plans, this must be a giant red flag. Although it seems that Disney is just influencing employee training, just take a look at pictures of what they can do to a little Floridian town.

This part of The Post piece is probably the most chilling:

And while you won’t see an usher dressed as Goofy leading you to a seat, Disney officials want to create staff attire that patrons will be drawn to.

“You don’t wear a uniform — you wear a costume,” said Tom D. Thomson, a content specialist with Disney Institute.

Sounds demeaning! Now go order us some ice cream, all this smell-o-vision has got us worked up.