11 Things to Be Happy About on the Most Depressing Day of the Year


If you’re feeling a bit out of sorts right now, you’re in good company. According to the Daily Mail, today is one of the most depressing days of the year. All sorts of things are getting us down, including the fact that many of us are back at work after a bunch of days off, plus, the economy, crime, politics, and the three-day hangover you may still be experiencing. Note: This overall glumness was confirmed by a survey of more than 13,000 British people. (American people, we suspect, are too full of ennui to take such surveys.) However, there is good news. We’ve compiled a list of things to make you feel better!

11. Today is maybe not, actually, the most depressing day of the year. Other contenders, designated depressing by other studies, are January 17 (a/k/a “Blue Monday,”) as well as certain days in December and February and, possibly March 20. So you have potentially worse days to look forward to!

10. Knowing the day is depressing, according to Jon Cousins, the founder of, helps you cope with its depressing qualities. (You can buy a bottle of tequila on the way home, for instance, or yell at your cat. Your cat never liked you that much, anyway.)

9. Starbucks is raising their prices. This means you have almost no excuse to ever buy Starbucks again.

8. This is the season of the 3-day weekend! There are federal holidays in January, February, and pretty soon, it will be Memorial Day. And then we’ll probably have a heat wave, kicking off the exciting season of worrying about SPF and whether an air conditioner will fall on your head.

7. Speaking of 3-day weekends, this is a 4-day week, and you’re already halfway through the first of those days. And it’s lunchtime.

6. There exists a poster-size bubble-wrap calendar for 2012 that allows you to pop the days, one by one, as they pass.

5. There are people available on the wonderful Internet to answer important questions like these.

4. In a few days or weeks the sudden crowding in your gym will cease and you can mock all of those people for failing so quickly — as you knew they would — at their pathetic human New Year’s Resolutions. You, meanwhile, will continue on your path of becoming a perfect physical specimen. Did we mention it’s lunchtime?

3. Performance shoppers take note: Valentine’s Day candies and cards are already in your neighborhood Duane Reade!

2. The darkest day of the year is past and, sooner rather than later, the world will no longer resemble a catacomb when you emerge from your office at 6 p.m. to trek to that other catacomb, the subway.

1. For 11 more hours, you have an airtight excuse for your terrible mood. Thank goodness, all that pressure to be happy for the holidays was brutal.

If none of the above works, look at a baby polar bear again.

No longer the season to be jolly: Today is the ‘most depressing day of the year’ as we return to the daily grind [Daily Mail]