Barrel-Aged Prince Edward Cocktail at Saxon + Parole


The drink: Barrel-Aged Prince Edward

The bar: Saxon + Parole (316 Bowery, 212-254-0350)

The price: $16

The ingredients: Compass Box Scotch, Lillet Blanc, Drambuie, lemon bitters, and oak.

The buzz: It was supposed to be a fad. Some gimmicky way of charging a few extra bucks and getting the cocktail-geek set all moist in the pants. Instead, it looks like the whole barrel-aging thing might be here to stay. If only for another year. The Prince Edward, at Saxon + Parole, is a good example of why the trend is persisting. How else could a Scotch drink come out so floral and candied and rich corn-on-the-cob yellow than after being rested and mellowed in oak for a spell? Actually a slight variation on the classic Prince Edward Cocktail, it’s the kind of sipper that forces you to slow down, if only to appreciate the amount of time that went into making it. You can use the extra moments to contemplate more important things than cocktail trends. Like, say, climate change, world hunger, or your January detox plans.