Giving Up Alcohol Temporarily Is Pointless: Report


If you want to give your liver a rest after a boozy holiday season, don’t bother: Doctors say that staying off the sauce for a short period — only to return to binge drinking — doesn’t help repair months of alcohol-related damage, according to The Independent.

Physicians in England — who recently have been fighting to prevent a rash of alcohol-related public-health problems — say that a week or even a month of detox is “medically futile,” the newspaper reports.

“It makes about as much sense as maxing out your credit cards and overdrafting all year, then thinking you can fix it by just eating toast in January. The figures just don’t stack up,” British Liver Trust chief executive Andrew Langford told the paper.

“You are better off making a resolution to take a few days off alcohol a week throughout the entire year than remaining abstinent for January only.”