Have Scissor Sisters (And Azealia Banks) Released The First Great Pop Song Of 2012?


“Shady Love,” the new single from the Scissor Sisters, hit the Internet yesterday, complete with video where adorable children muster their way through lipsyncing lyrics like “We gonna hop in this hooty, and she’ll take me out to the movies/ Let me feel all up on her boobies” in front of a dispassionate audience. If the song—in which Jake Shears raps filthily and gorgeously over some particularly mud-caked synths—vaguely reminds you of Azealia Banks’s pottymouthed late-2011 hit “212,” there’s a very good reason for that; Banks (credited here as “Krystal Pepsy”) co-wrote the track and sings on its hook. Video below, and make sure you’ve cleared room to dance before you hit “play.”

Extra points for using a True Blue-era shot of Madonna for the masks, by the way.