Look at All the ‘Lost Subways’ That Might Have Changed Your Life


Have you seen WNYC’s “Lost Subways” Map? It shows 11 planned subway lines that, had they ever been built, would have added to the current 842 miles of track in the New York City system. Among them: An underground subway connecting the North Shore of Staten Island with Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; a Fulton Street line going from downtown Manhattan to downtown Brooklyn; an Eighth Avenue line that would have connected to Williamsburg; and, of course, the 2nd Avenue line (expect phase one of that to be completed by the late 20-teens).

There are also stations built that are no longer in service, like the South 4th Street station in Williamsburg, and a station at Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn. Aside from being historically fascinating, all of this is delicious food for thought as you make your way home in the cold tonight — depending on whether your commute is that much more difficult for lack of one of these subway lines, of course. But, hey, at least the most depressing day of the year is almost over!

Check out the full, interactive map: Lost Subways: Abandoned Stations & Unbuilt Lines

And read more about it here: Inside the City’s Ghost Subway System [WNYC]