The Temperature of 2012: Cold, With a Chance of Flurries (and Sweater Vests)


Welcome back, all! Perhaps you’ve been working for days already, or perhaps you’ve been relaxing on a balmy beach — in any case, we’re here to ease you through your troubled Tuesday. First up: Weather. It is cold, the coldest all year (you’ve heard that joke already?): 27 degrees with a low of 16, though it “feels like” 15 degrees currently and will feel like 8 degrees by 9 p.m. It’s windy, and there is a chance of flurries. Use this opportunity to take your coat out of the closet and wear it. It will thank you, and you it.

More colloquially:

But before you fall into a fit of complaining about the weather, keep in mind, the record low for this time of year (in 1879) is -4 degrees. Negative four. So, actually, it’s all balmy beach in here. By Thursday, it should warm up to the 40s, and by Saturday, we’ll be back in the 50s. Breaking: Weather continues to be weird in 2012.

In related fashion/weather news, the New York Times ponders the torso-covering choices of wannabe Republican presidential nominee Rick Santorum, who has caused a real stir with his inclination toward the variable warmth of a sleeveless, V-neck sweater vest in the climes of Iowa. Though he is equal-opportunity, really: “Mr. Santorum insisted that he was not anti-sleeve. He harbors no bigotry toward extra fabric, whether it’s cotton, cashmere or wool.”

You can’t do anything about the weather, but we recommend choosing your fashion (and politics) wisely in 2012.

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