In his video for his debut single “Out Getting Ribs,” 17-year-old King Krule croons “I can’t escape my own mistake” as he shoots a sidelong, pissed gaze from underneath a shock of red hair. Though the scrawny young British baritone (real name: Archy Marshall) kind of came out of nowhere, his particular take on teenage malaise feels both timeworn and immediate. Matched with bruised reverb guitar and the splattered influence of dubstep and hip-hop, Krule’s jams also jibe well with new-school U.K. types like James Blake or Wu Lyf, who engage in brooding futurism. Last here for CMJ in October (his U.S. debut), he’s back for three shows—tonight at Mercury Lounge, January 13 at Glasslands, and January 14 at Terminal 5 (opening for Girls)—to promote his new self-titled five-song EP, released on True Panther.

Wed., Jan. 11, 10 p.m., 2012