Governor Andrew Cuomo Delivers His State of the State Address [Live Video]


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1:45 — Lt. Governor Bob Duffy (who, the last time we saw him in person, was introducing Governor Cuomo prior to the signing of the Marriage Equality Act) has just taken the stage.

1:55 — Mayor Mike Bloomberg is introduced as “last, but not least” in the roll call of mayors present.

1:57 — Sheldon Silver opens with great hyperbole in his praise of Gov. Cuomo: “You have emerged as the most effective state exeuctive in our nation today.”

2:00 — Silver calls for an increase in the minimum wage, “which has increased just 10 cents in the past six years,” says it would impact 1.2 million New York workers.

2:05 — Dean Skelos is unusually solicitous to Cuomo for an opposition party legislator introducing their governor: “A year ago I stood on this stage and talked about our shared goal of getting New York’s fiscal house in order.” And he then gives both parties credit for doing that.

2:13 — Lt. Gov. Duffy admits that “Once we were the laughing stock of this country.” Also, “I’m also accused of being a cheerleader in chief.”

2:15 — Cuomo takes the stage and says that “the last person to have a rookie season like Dean Skelos was Derek Jeter.” Can you imagine Obama saying that to John Boehner?

2:19 — Um, has a Governor ever given a State of the State witha multi-media slide show before?

2:23 — After a laundry list of economic and legislative accomplishments, Cuomo leads up to “We ended the injustice, we led the nation…we passed Marriage Equality for all New Yorkers, and we did it together.”

2:26 — The Governor’s slide show includes visuals for everything — EVERYTHING — that his text addresses, up to and including joke Photoshop renditions of Speaker Silver as a child.

2:28 — Governor Cuomo gives shout-out to first responders from Tropical Storm Irene.

2:37 — Cuomo promises $1 billion to invest in Buffallo, after committing to building up the Javits Center into the biggest convention center in the nation.

2:40 — Cuomo skips the moral questions of gaming, gets right to the gaming…”We are in the gaming business. We are not doing…we are also surrounded by casinos on virtually every border of the state.” Kind of goes counter to the progressive taxation he was just talking about. “Let’s amend the constitution” and get on with gaming!

2:49 — Cuomo was smart to start with the on date budget and passing the Marriage Equality Act (which got thunderous applause) and to then to move on to gambling, Javits, and reining in pensions (which did not).

2:52 — Cuomo says union employees not yet hired “don’t exist,” continuing: “No one ever said a pension system was a legacy or an inheritence. I refer to these people as the unborn. They’re not even hired yet!…to protect a pension for years in the future as a legacy when the taxpayers of this state can’t afford it anymore is a violation of the public servie and the public duty.”

2:56 — “Race to the top law just doesn’t work.”

3:10 — Cuomo wrapping up without, the twitterverse notes, mentioning fracking or redistricting.

3:13 — Cuomo’s on a roll with New York’s historical lead on abolition, environmentalism, suffrage, immigration. “While other states build walls to keep people out, we open our arms and welcome them in.”