Hate Mail on the Subject of Gefilte Fish


Kutsher’s tasty gefilte fish comes in a pair of dense, puck-shaped masses — with another of beets and horseradish on the side.

Last evening my review of Kutsher’s Tribeca appeared, and it was pretty damn positive. I loved the pastrami — both flat and deckle — and ate the flanken with gusto. I even loved the gefilte fish, which is normally not my cup of tea. Little was I to know my opinion would unleash one of the best pieces of hate mail it has ever been my privilege to receive. I reproduce it here with the name of the sender expunged, in case he wrote it in haste and might later regret it.

Mr. Sietsema,

First of all, I like gefilte fish. I used to look forward to eating my grandmother’s gefilte fish which she made from scratch. Fuck you for putting your opinions on a pedestal as if your speaking for many Jews. I know about the old Catskills as I went to a bungalow colony every summer with my family. I even played in a band at Kutchers one weekend. It takes a verbose Jew as yourself to fuck up my New Year. Write about the greatness of bubby’s dishes. I’d like to take a piece of gefilte fish and rub it all over your face. I want to meet you and tell you face to face. Why is gefilte fish a Passover terror? Fuck you for devaluing great Jewish foods so you can make a pretty penny. Why did you not say that you disliked gefilte fish personally? Jews have enough problems without a Jew like you who slights the greatness of our culture so he can put food on his table.