Is Perry 2012’s “Baby T” The “James Brown Is Dead” Of The 2012 Election (Or Out To Make You Think That It Is)?


Last night as part of keeping my musical resolution about not falling in the trap of listening to old music and not new stuff I ran a Spotify search for music from this calendar year, and topping the list was a song apparently called “Perry 2012.” Being that my roommate is a political reporter who was awash in the news of the Iowa caucuses as I conducted my search, I assumed that the song was actually about Rick Perry, the Texas governor turned GOP presidential hopeful who was in the process of coming in fifth in the Hawkeye State as I typed. And so I hunkered down in my chair and listened, and… the song didn’t sound that bad? It melded thumpy chart-pop bounce and the aesthetics of the the label Slabco’s charming bedroom synthpop offerings in such a way that it reminded me of a somewhat more twee update of the word-light, yet catchphrase-heavy 1991 techno breakthrough “James Brown Is Dead.” Clip after the jump.

As it turns out, the band is called Perry 2012 (the hazards of the digital jukebox!), and the song is called “Baby T.” Perry 2012, being as mindful of the year as a band with it in its name as you might expect, has its own Facebook page, and the following manifesto appears there (in Norwegian, translated by Google):

Habit you love to hate is now ready to release his highly anticipated pseudonym. It is with great honor we show you what the best guys in the country has to offer. The boys formerly known as TIME, ladies and gentlemen, we give you;


Having been through an inferno of hatred, it has not affected the proud boys from Bergen. On the contrary, our young friends, you made ​​us stronger and bigger than ever. So to all of you retarded idiots out there who felt fat by writing shit for us to get some likes in the quest for social confirmation, suck it bitches. Haters MAKE YOU FAMOUS.

As our friend Katy Perry, we have also experienced undeserved hatred, but you did not expect was that the hatred created a monster. A monster that is impossible to control, a monster that is on everyone’s lips and thoughts. Now it’s been six years since the monster was created, and after much mikkmapp we finally found ourselves at home in the deck name, PERRY 2012 – YEAR KLEIN ESTE RUSS EVANS because platypus Perry’s story matches ours. We came out early and unannounced, all were shocked and admired us in secret, the boys hated it and the girls were wet from it.

“Haters MAKE YOU FAMOUS”? As part of promo copy for a song by a band that apparently named itself after Katy Perry and a secret agent platypus from a Disney Channel show and… well, I don’t know, I think we could stick Rick Perry in there too given the whole “2012” bit, which is no doubt intended to confuse overamped Googlers or people searching digital-music services for campaign rally songs? Have I stumbled across 2012’s first piece of trollgaze while merely hoping to stay current on non-publicist-proffered music? No, no! The song is cute, but it’s too early! I was thinking it would take at least a week for people to wake from their post-2011 slumber.

(Also, can we please retire the phrase “highly anticipated” from the lexicon sometime this year? It’s the worst kind of PR-speak, absolutely empty and usually not really meaning what it purports to. Thanks.)