Michele Bachmann Is Out; We Remember Our Favorite Bach-Moments


After finishing sixth in the Iowa caucuses (good ole “Mittens” Romney is the front-runner), Michele Bachmann is suspending her presidential campaign. She just announced this, officially, in a press conference. We had a feeling this announcement was coming, so we’re not too surprised — but while Bachmann can take away our Bachmann, she can’t take away our memories. There’ve been some good interesting ones. Let’s stroll down that primrose path.

• There was the beef with The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon, and NBC.

• There was this Newsweek cover.

• There was that “pray away the gay” thing.

• There was that time that Ron Paul told Jay Leno she hated Muslims.

• There was the time she said that the HPV vaccine could make young girls retarded, and had. Then she said she actually had no idea whether that was true. This was not a shining moment.

• She fought for the lightbulb rights of all Americans!

• One time, Michael Musto dressed up as her.

• But most of all, the image(s) burned in our brain was the meme of a moment, fleeting and now perhaps gone — except, always and forever, burned in our brain: We’ll always have Michele-Steve-Bach-Buscemeyes.

Godspeed, Ms. Bachmann.