Two landmark albums reflecting the yin and the yang of Brian Eno’s solo work get the indie-all-star cover treatment this week, beginning with tonight’s The Apollo Project, a free performance of Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, the sound sculptor’s seminal music for a moon landing. For the album’s 30th anniversary, guitarists Larry Campbell, Jeff Parker (Tortoise), David Torn, and Phish bassist Mike Gordon will re-create Eno’s country-and-lunar blend of trance and twang accompanied by scenes from Man in the Right Seat, a documentary about Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. And on Sunday, Joan(aspolicewoman) Wasser, guitarist Vernon Reid, J. G. Thirlwell, and various members of the Bad Seeds, Obits, Dismemberment Plan, Warm Ghost, and Phantom Family Halo will reconstruct Eno’s nostalgic, silly, adventurous, and profound 1974 art-rock solo debut, Here Come the Warm Jets, at Joe’s Pub. ‘The Apollo Project’ at 8, World Financial Center Winter Garden.

Fri., Jan. 6, 9:30 p.m., 2012