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Radical Dads


The Radical Dads game plan is pretty simple: Guitarists Lindsay Baker and Chris Diken trade off on the microphone while kicking up asbestos-feedback sandstorms strewn with hooks, and drummer Robbie Guertin hangs on for dear life. This NYC trio’s songs feel about as fun, spontaneous, and un-fussed over as second-wave 1990s alt-rock revisited realistically can; the players’ enthusiasm and verve on various singles and 2011 debut Mega Rama helps sell a strain of art-punk pop that lacks a palpable sense of danger and discovery. Our advice? Crash this show anyway: “Recklessness” is a luminescent slice of Chuck Taylor indie, and in a few years, once these Dads have settled on a sound, you can claim you were in on the ground floor.

Fri., Jan. 13, 8 p.m., 2012