The Best (and Worst) Days for Online Dating in NYC in 2011, According to Data From OkCupid


We were wondering: Could there be truth to the idea that, say, after a natural disaster, or on a long holiday weekend, there might be a stronger inclination to turn to the sex of your choosing and merge, or try to find someone with whom to merge, or at least get some dinner or something? And how did the year of 2011, in New York City, match up to that theory? We gave some key dates in the last year in New York to the data masters/love specialists at OkCupid, who ran the numbers for us. Aside from the fact that more and more people are online dating in general — OkCupid co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan told us that from the beginning to the end of the year in 2011, New York City users of the service were up about 30 percent, with overall logins increasing from 30,844 on January 1 to nearly 60,000 logins (and 91,822 messages sent) in December. More intriguing numbers on how we dated last year, after the jump!

Some general learnings: The greatest number of messages sent tended to be on Sundays and at the beginning of the week, which makes sense — people are usually busy going on their actual dates on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Summer months were busier than the winter and spring, and the fall was even better. By the end of the year, come holiday time, numbers had pretty much tripled those at the beginning of the year and were consistently high (all that being with the family stuff, maybe?).

Here are some of the relevant numbers:

January 1, 2011 had 30,844 logins to OkCupid and 38,742 messages sent. This was the day with the FEWEST messages and logins for the whole year, according to the data. The next day, logins increased to 37,900 with 60,718 messages sent, and the rest of that week continued with messages sent in the 50 and 60Ks.

Valentine’s Day had 40,900 logins and 51,364 messages sent. The days immediately before and right after were both more active.

April Fool’s Day saw 42,270 logins and 52,982 messages sent.

The night of the Final LCD Soundsystem Show had 39,868 logins and 50,150 messages sent.

The night of Osama Bin Laden’s death had 43,572 logins and 58,978 messages — there was a small spike the day after.

Memorial Day Weekend brought logins in the high 30 to middle 40Ks — the biggest day for messages was the 30th (Sunday), with 62,560 messages sent.

The heady days of Weinergate had a high of nearly 50K people logging in and 66,462 messages sent.

July 4th, which fell on a Monday, was big (45,028 logins and 62,988 messages), but the days that followed were bigger, with messages in the 70Ks.

The day of the East Coast Earthquake, August 23, actually decreased slightly in terms of logins and messages from the day before, going from 53,286 logins and 77,222 messages on the 22nd to 5,1852 logins and 71,972 on the 23rd.

Hurricane Irene weekend of August 27 and 28 (Beyonce also announced her pregnancy on the 28th) was huge, with logins in the 50Ks and messages as high as 88,402 on the 28th.

The September 11 Anniversary, on a Sunday, had 54,476 logins and 81,264 messages.

Here are the numbers for the first week of Occupy Wall Street, Saturday through Friday (note typical Sunday spike):

9/17/11 49,544 57,564
9/18/11 54,118 70,546
9/19/11 54,688 66,628
9/20/11 53,586 66816
9/21/11 53,030 66,176
9/22/11 51,714 66,360
9/23/11 50,026 62,160

Snowtober was pretty busy…

10/27/11 53,408 72,722
10/28/11 49,238 60,282
10/29/11 50,136 69,802
10/30/11 55,066 75,446

…followed by Halloween, with 54,164 logins and 72,590 messages.

November 13, a Sunday, was huge, with 58,424 logins and 92,252 messages.

The release day of Breaking Dawn (November 18!) was comparatively low, with 50,964 logins and 63,634 messages.

Thanksgiving Day itself was on the lower side — too much turkey? — but the days before and following were big.

1/23/11 51,752 71,442
11/24/11 45,642 57,630
11/25/11 50,630 75,354
11/26/11 53,784 84,630

And the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, November 27, was the BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR for messages sent (102,500), with 59,942 logins.

The 30th of November, a Wednesday in which Barack Obama visited NYC, had 56,592 logins and 78,498 messages.

December 4, 2011, was another big day, with 59,358 logins and 91,822 messages. (All of December, as reported, had logins in the 50K range and messages in the 80s and 90Ks, mostly.)

Yagan expects the numbers to generally continue on their upward climb for 2012. Given the data, we suspect this Sunday could be a big day in the OkCupid-verse.