What Are Your Musical New Year’s Resolutions For 2012?


In this week’s Voice I outline my music-related resolutions for the coming year, most of which involve getting away from the Internet in some fashion—avoiding toxic comment sections, realizing that the cloud’s completeness is completely illusory, being better about listening to music that was released in 2012 instead of falling down the always-tempting retro rabbit holes that pucker the online-music world like a particularly persistent acne outbreak. (Also, I pledge to be nice to Katy Perry.) After reading the headlines this morning I might add caring about what overly self-important musicians have to say about “uncool” members of their field, thus turning the music-news world into a professional-wrestling scrum where all the promos are varying levels of excruciating, to that list. But I want to know: What are your own listening-related resolutions for the coming 361 and a half-ish days? Comment away; below are a few tracks from 2012 releases of note to accompany your forward-thinkingness.