A Christmas Tree Set a Car on Fire in the East Village


As Myles wrote on Monday, it’s high time to throw away your old, dead Christmas tree. But while doing so, please dispose of it properly! According to the blog Strollerderby, a Christmas tree was seen in flames, in the East Village, the other night. It managed to set an entire minivan on fire. (EV Grieve says this happened on 7th Street between A and 1st, and has photos — it appears that the car’s windows were blown out from the fire.)

The woman who saw it writes,

I’d never seen anything like it in my entire life. Last night, after leaving a show in the east village, my friend and I were driving down the block when we noticed a Christmas tree on fire on the sidewalk. By the time our eyes really registered what was going on and we started to call 911, the tree was fully engulfed in flames which were lapping up the back side of a minivan. Less than 30 seconds later, we decided to move on because we thought for sure the minivan would explode.

Fortunately, the FDNY arrived before anything “really bad” happened. But, like, jeez. We agree heartily with the sentiments of the writer, who instructs, “don’t flick a cigarette at a Christmas tree, you sociopath!”

In fact, there’s a whole NYC Christmas tree recycling program that will mulch your tree for you, and make sure the minivans of New York City stay out of harm’s way. Get on that, if you still have a tree hanging around.

Christmas Tree Caught Fire on NYC Street, Set Nearby Car Ablaze [Strollerderby via EV Grieve]