Is This Painting Squirrel Actually Painting?


Animals doing human things! We enjoy this immensely! In the same vein as “Deer Prefers Beer” and “Moose Learns Valuable Lesson About Moderation,” except, of course, artier, there is Winkelhimer Smith, the alleged painting squirrel, who in the last week has taken the Internet by storm, primarily because the Internet loves nothing more than a painting squirrel that may or may not actually be painting.

Plus, Winkelhimer (who is a she) has a heart-warming tale to go along with her brushstrokes. The true hero here is the encouraging-voiced woman who rescued her and taught her to paint — she writes that Winkelhimer “watches me paint since I’m a pro artist for a living. She was obsessed with my paint brushes so I let her have some food coloring and let her use a brush. Now it’s a happy obsession for her.”

But as these things go, the naysayers of the world (a/k/a, the bloggers at Art Info) have come forth to say that Winkelheimer is not actually painting:

In the video, it looks like the squirrel is actually chewing on the end of the paintbrush as she would a tasty acorn, causing the brush to jump around, randomly landing in the watercolor paint or on the page, causing little trails of paint. And if you look closely, you’ll see that Winkelhimer isn’t even looking at the paper. Not even Jackson Pollock was so lassez-faire.

Or, perhaps, not even Jackson Pollock was so talented. True art has no boundaries! You just keep being you, Winkelhimer. As Jackson Pollock used to say, “Haters gonna hate.”