Pera Soho Upgrades the Old Beet and Goat Cheese Salad


The beet and goat cheese salad has become a bit of a cliché, available at nearly every restaurant in this town. Scratch that, the country. But then again, it became a cliché because it is actually a damn fine pairing. Come the fall and winter months, a beet salad makes for a lovely and refreshing prelude to dinner. One fine example can be found at Pera Soho, the just-opened outpost of the upscale Midtown Mediterranean restaurant.

Here, diced beets are dressed with thinned-out cheese, ensuring that each nugget is fully coated, while a handful of raisins adds an extra touch of sweetness and a soft textural chew. Celery leaves are sprinkled on top for added color, along with black and white sesame seeds. It’s artfully presented and tasty, and let’s hope that it stays on the menu. After all, Ryan Skeen, is helming the kitchen here, and while he’s a talented chef, he’s also a peripatetic one.