Chicken Waffle Wings All Over the Web


Thanks to San Francisco correspondent @tracyjane and Upper West Side bon vivant Justin Kennington for clueing us in to this snack food newly invented by the website Dude Foods. Looks like a pretty nifty idea, except maybe you don’t want your Teflon waffle maker encrusted with burned chicken schmaltz. Spoilsport!

I’m waiting for some snackery or cocktail lounge to pick up on this thing and start serving it at, say, about $2 per wing (spicy or not spicy, your call). More likely it will be $3.

Meanwhile, I’m conspiring how to do this at home when everyone’s gone, and sit there eating it as a guilty pleasure.

There’s nothing arcane about the method. Simply put a wing and some batter in a waffle iron. Obviously, the thing is not going to close very well, so you may have to turn the iron over at some point.

The original appeared in Dude Foods, then was passed through Food Beast to Gizmodo, and hence to me. Which shows how fast and surely good ideas travel.

To those who are about to attempt this recipe: Make sure the wing is fully cooked before you put it in the waffle press with the batter.