Here Is a Picture of a Giant Rat Supposedly Found in a Bronx Foot Locker


Have you witnessed the latest giant dead rat of New York City, as photographed in what appears to be a Foot Locker stock room in the Bronx? It is a beaut! Actually, it is horrifying. The picture was tweeted by @TheGoodfella, who writes, “SON THEY FOUND MASTER SPLINTER AT A FOOTLOCKER IN THE BX…THIS SHIT WILD.”

Perhaps you recall another ginormous, disgusting rat — a small dog, practically; certainly a Rodent of Unusual Size — discovered in August at the Marcy Houses. That one was identified as a Gambian pouched rat, of whom our latest similarly large beast may be a friend, acquaintance, or family member.

Where there is one, there are many. Where there are two, we will not be buying athletic wear for a long, long time. (It is nice the Foot Locker employee kept his referee shirt on, however, for the rat disposal. Adds credibility.)

One other question…what’s in the box?

Giant Rat Found Inside Of A Foot Locker In The Bronx [Gothamist]