Robots Take Over Japanese Farmland


Well, either the future or the robopocalypse is upon us: Japanese officials have just announced that they plan on opening a robot-run farm in the tsunami disaster zone, The Telegraph reports.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s experimental project involves unmanned tractors, which will be programmed to work a 600-acre tract of cropland in a tsunami-ravaged area of the country. The crops will include rice, beans, fruits, and veggies.

Farmer robots will box this produce — and then they will probably rebel against their human creators and enslave them, as those pesky cyborgs are wont to do (see: Terminator; I, Robot; The Matrix).

The robots will also recycle all of the carbon dioxide they and other farm machines produce, according to the paper. These emissions, in fact, will be used to fertilize the crops.

So, if the robots do carryout a bloody and brutal world takeover, at least it will be carbon neutral.