The NYC Subway from Birth to Now, in One Gif


It’s been a good few days for subway nerdists — earlier in the week we were all agawk over the “Lost Subways” map of NYC, which showed the subways that would have been but weren’t. Yesterday we saw what happens when people stop being real and start being polite (even friendly!) on the subway. Today in subway porn, there’s a gif showcasing the entire lifetime of the New York City subway, from before there even was a New York City subway, up to current day, when train routes crisscross the boroughs.

Watch the lines slowly appear on the blank canvas of NYC, one after another. It’s mesmerizing! Watch, learn, and later, impress all your friends with the knowledge that New York’s first two subway lines were not even in Manhattan. What a bitch commuting would have been, then.

Urban Planning Blog via Animated History Of The NYC Subway [h/t @daweiner]