10 Ways to Enjoy Today’s Spring-Like Weather


As of writing, it is 62 degrees in New York City. Fahrenheit! If you aren’t a numbers person, let us translate: It’s comically pleasant outside. People are wearing T-shirts, dogs are going doggie jacket-less, and everyone is happy because they don’t have to deal with the bleak frigidness of yet another day of harrowing winter. Things are going to cool down when the sun sets, but you still have some time to enjoy this unseasonable warmth. Here are 10 things to do outside this afternoon.

1. Go for a jog.
Get out there and get your blood pumping. If you get tired you can turn it into a walk, which is something you still could use considering you got exhausted from slowly jogging.

2. Buy sunglasses.
Because it’ll never get dark and cold ever again! (NOTE: It will be in the low thirties tonight.)

3. Make a “Global warming isn’t so bad!” joke.
Something something something Al Gore something something, am I right?

4. Hang dry your clothes.
It’ll give them that fresh scent that just can’t be replicated by fabric softeners or chemical detergents. Be sure to wash your clothes again after they dry, you don’t want to know what’s in New York City’s air.

5. Read a book in the park.
Make sure it’s a title that makes you look smart because the only reason anyone reads outside is so other people will see them.

6. Play pick-up basketball.
If you bring your friend we can get five-on-five going.

7. Go for a bike ride.
You don’t have a bike? Well, it looks like you only have 9 ways to enjoy this nice weather, pal.

8. Take the Staten Island ferry.
It’s free and if you are on Staten Island it will take you off of Staten Island.

9. Get a Zip Car and drive around with the windows down while blasting music.
Because you’ll look so cool.

10. Stop reading this.
Seriously, go outside.