Modest Jobs Recovery; Dolan to Become Cardinal; Deadly Hot Air Balloon Crash in New Zealand


The American workforce added about 200,000 jobs over December, doubling November’s rate of job creation. The Wall Street Journal reports, “The new jobs were scattered over a range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and even the battered construction sector,” and “the sector that added the most jobs was transportation and warehousing, which was up 50,000.” While the numbers look good, experts warn that it may be a temporary bump, as many of the jobs created in the aforementioned transportation and warehousing sector were likely holiday-related and may be unsustainable. [WSJ]

New York’s archbishop Timothy Dolan has been promoted to cardinal, the Daily News Reports. Dolan, who currently has New York’s 2 million Catholics under his leadership, announced yesterday that he now has a more wide-reaching responsibility in the church. [NYDN]

11 people died when a hot air balloon crashed outside of Carterton, New Zealand, CNN reports. Officials say “a fire likely started on board the balloon, sending it plummeting to the ground” and that a witness reports the balloon had hit a power line. According to a member of the health board, “the weather was likely not a factor in the crash” and that it was a “perfect morning for ballooning.” [CNN]

The actress who sued IMDB for revealing her age has been identified, the AP reports. Junie Hoang had sued the company for putting her birthdate on their site, claiming that she would be unable to get work as a 40-year-old actress. Her identity was kept secret until a Seattle judge threatened to dismiss the million dollar suit unless it was revealed. Hoang refiled the suit, ending months of speculation as to who the litigious actress is. [AP]

Expect a beautiful day today, with highs in the fifties. [TWC]