Courtney Love In a Holocaust Movie?


She’s working on it!

I found that out in Maer Roshan‘s book Courtney Comes Clean: The High Life and Dark Depths of Music’s Most Controversial Icon, a breezily arresting read full of snappy dialogue between himself and the woman he found both “exhilarating and exhausting.”

Among the dizzying highlights, Love talks about:

*Saving Kelly Osbourne‘s life

*Wanting to do drugs for fun while Kurt wanted to do them for oblivion

*The time Oliver Stone told her he should have cast Wall Street with Tom Cruise instead of Charlie Sheen

*And how Lady Gaga could end up a sad, lonely caricature of herself (like so many pop stars!)

What’s more, Roshan observes Courtney calling Hollywood mogul Brett Ratner to pitch him a Milos Forman movie called The Ghost of Munich, which she tells Ratner is “about this guy whose mother died in Auschwitz and his father died in front of the KGB.

“It’s got a Hitler, a Mussolini, a Stalin, and a Neville Chamberlain, four really huge movie-star parts, and it’s got this one chick role, and the chick role has to be me!”

I’d be laughing my guts out except Courtney was amazing in that Larry Flynt movie.

And besides, she also threw in a Kurt & Courtney movie as part of a package deal.