Drag Sitcom Work It Is Declared Worst New Show Of The Season


LGBT groups urged ABC not to air it.

But on it came: a broad sitcom about two guys who dress like broads in order to get jobs because they’ve decided there’s a “mancession” out there and it’ll help their chances to be female.

It’s sort of a reverse Albert Nobbs.

Except that film is based on real happenings. And in reality, men always have the upper hand in the workplace.

Work It‘s reactionary premise is from outer space — and it’s basically just an excuse for what critics have called the lowest small-screen antics since … ever. Or at least since Amos ‘n’ Andy.

Work It brings to mind that highly questionable film Soul Man, in which a white student wore blackface because that’ll make it so much easier for him to get a Harvard scholarship.

Alas, The Hollywood Reporter feels that Work it isn’t even “so bad it’s good”.

It’s just so bad.

Also sadly, I was laid up last week and only caught the teaser for the show.

Tomorrow, I have a decision:

Be brave and watch the new episode for my job’s sake or join the international girl-cott of people with taste!