Here Are Some Guys Walking Around NYC and Rapping About Plaid


Where pastels and Nantucket reds were once the stuff of viral “rap” videos, now, in 2012, we have an ode to plaid, by way of the “Plaid Rap.” Why now, why plaid? Michael Krivicka, who came up with the idea for “Plaid Rap,” wrote the song lyrics, and shot, directed, and edited the video, told us, “Right now, honestly, you almost have no choice. It’s everywhere and it is all the stores offer right now. I’m sure it’ll pass and come back again (as a trend) but right now it’s huge and that was part of the inspiration.”

Krivicka adds, “It’s comfy and interesting. Plain shirts can be quite ‘plain’ and boring.”

True, no one would ever rap about a plain old button-down.

The music was composed by Josh Johnson, and the guy acting and singing is Joe Cummings, who “pulled out these rapping skills so we made him the star of the video.”

“Plaid Rap,” which is downloadable on iTunes, is part of a bigger project called “Plaid Forever,” a web show shot on iPhones in which various local artists will be interviewed. Everyone has to wear plaid, obviously. The first episode is here.

What kind of plaid is best? Krivicka, who has some 17 plaid shirts, says, “I mostly like dark plaid (works best for my bald head).”

*10 points if you catch the Village Voice cameo in “Plaid Rap.”