A Woman Just Jumped Off the Williamsburg Bridge [Updated]


According to a tipster, a woman has just jumped off the Williamsburg Bridge, landing on an vehicle parked on Pitt Street, at Delancey. Our tipster says, “She fell onto the windshield of an SUV on Pitt Street, right across the street from the fire/police station. When I walked by about 10 minutes ago she was still alive and was moving around slowly.”

The FDNY confirms the incident and says that the jumper, who is still alive but in serious condition, is a 34-year-old woman. She’s being transported to Bellevue with multiple traumas. Her name and what proceeded her jump have not been disclosed.

We’re hearing that both lanes of the Bridge have been closed to traffic and to “expect delays.” The woman’s car may still be on the bridge, though the FDNY could not confirm that.

We’ll update as we learn more.

Update: @quinner250, who lives nearby, has what appears to be a shot of the vehicle that the woman landed on.

Our tipster adds, “The car (it was actually more of a truck than an SUV) wasn’t wrecked, but the windshield was. It was parked under the bridge — a lot of cops/FDNY park under there because it’s across the street from the Pitt Station. When I walked by the second time it looked like the woman had driven her car on the bridge and then jumped — I saw the cops milling around what I assume was her car, which was a silver minivan/light SUV. They backed it off the bridge.”

Update 2: DNAinfo reports that the car the woman landed on, a grey Honda Ridgeline, was owned by a detective. As of this afternoon, the woman was expected to survive the 20- to 30-foot fall.

Follow up: Woman Who Jumped from Williamsburg Bridge Identified, Expected to Survive