Bridesmaids Was A Musical!


Kristen Wiig says Bridesmaids is not a raunchy movie or even a wedding movie — “it’s a friendship movie.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what about that raunchy scene in the dress shop?

“It was scary,” Wiig admitted at a Times Talk I hobbled to on Sunday, “because that scene was added late in the movie. Judd and Paul [producer Apatow and director Feig] were like, ‘If it works, it works.'”

And it did — especially since, as Wiig pointed out, “it’s funnier to not see so much.”

It was all in the horror of the suggestion, abetted by that pristine white rug that looms under the gals ever so threateningly.

By the way, in addition to being a friendship movie, Bridesmaids once sang!

“We had a song,” Wiig admitted. “It was like a musical! And there was one scene where we thought Lillian (Maya Rudolph) was dead.”

She added that she realized, “That’s funny, but it’s not this movie.”

And this movie is suddenly an Oscar contender!

Just crapped my pants.