Calvin Klein’s Beau Nick Gruber Wants To Be A Trainer/Nutritionist!


This just came in from promoter Daniel Nardicio:

“I’ve been meeting with Calvin Klein boyfriend Nick Gruber to discuss his future … and I like the kid.

“He really wants to be in Playgirl, but since I quit the mag in June they’ve been floundering (this month’s cover model is a mess) so I pitched it but they couldn’t see the value in it.

“I told them the value is in the INTERVIEW not the pics — altho the kid’s back in shape and looking great.

“He’s been very open with me about how he and Calvin met (he was a serviceman and would sneak off base to meet Calvin) and how he really loves Calvin and wants to spend the rest of his life with him.

“He was pretty open about his sexual past, and is thinking of becoming a trainer/nutritionist.

“I’m meeting him next week to discuss other options besides Playgirl as I’m moving into more PR/Marketing and I think this kid could make something happen.”

Nick’s a serviceman, all right!