Corey Feldman Will Disclose Who Molested Him


And as suggested by his hand signal, it’s two people.

The only survivor of the “Coreys” phenomenon, Feldman isn’t Dancing on Ice this time.

He’s telling it straight.

The former Lost Boy vows that he will write a tell-all book in which he will name a couple of pedophiles who diddled him in his young film-star days.

Says this U.K. article, “The 40-year-old actor explained how at 14 he was being leeched upon and used by men like vultures.”

“It was basically me laying there pretending I was asleep,” reveals Feldman, “and them going about their business.”

I hope this blows the lid off Hollywood pedophilia — and I am perfectly willing to valiantly flip through the book at the last remaining Barnes & Noble to get those names!