Parliament to Brits: Lay Off the Booze!


British MPs have finally reached an agreement: It’s only healthy to drink five days weekly, not seven!

Right now, official public health guidelines for alcohol consumption focus on the total amount of booze consumed per week — not the frequency of drinking, according to The Irish Times. Current suggestions are that men can drink four servings of alcohol nightly and that women can drink three.

What this means: People just don’t realize how much alcohol they regularly ingest. Also, a lot of Brits think that they can binge so long as it’s within this weekly limit, or simply pound four drinks nightly — habits that have proved to be big problems in the United Kingdom.

Docs in the U.K., for example, have recently warned about the deadly dangers of cheap hooch; the link between alcohol and breast disease; and rampant youth alcoholism and liver failures.

The MPs have proposed a solution: People should drink a maximum of five nights weekly, and make sure to take a two-day alcohol holiday.

The MPs figure that people might be more responsible if the guidelines are simplified, The Irish Times notes.

“One thing that is clear from the scientific evidence we looked at is our bodies recover better if we have a couple of days alcohol-free,” one MP told reporters.