Food Fight Leads to Murders-Suicide


An argument about what a terminally ill Ohio woman should eat — tea and toast or an orange — prompted the woman’s husband to shoot her sisters, his son, and himself, according to the Associated Press (via Time).

Logan, Ohio, resident Darlene Gilkey, who is dying of cancer, watched the bloody scene unfold from a hospital bed in her living room, the AP reports. The 59-year-old was not hurt.

One of her sons, Ralph Sowers III, also survived. He told 911 attendants that Gilkey’s husband (Sowers’s stepdad) spared him “because he had kids.”

Tensions began early Monday, the AP reports, when some of the victims gave Darlene Gilkey tea and toast, though her husband “had already peeled an orange for her.”

Just-released details indicate that they continued to fight for the rest of the day. The conflict reached a critical point around 5 p.m. Monday, however, when Paul Gilkey went to his bedroom, got a gun, and started shooting.

Some sources have claimed that Paul Gilkey is also a convicted murderer who did time for beating a man to death with a fence post in 1974.