My Bunion Surgeries Made The Medical News!


I thought I was just going for a couple of simple surgeries.

But a bunion blog reports that it actually couldn’t have been more major.

According bunionblog.com, bunion surgery can be “painful and potentially lead to recurrence, infection, or over correction (which is not pretty).”

It adds that the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends this particular operation only in cases of severe pain or mobility problems.

“So one can imagine the discomfort that Village Voice writer Michael Musto must have been having,” the article determines, sagely.

I know! You can only imagine!

“Apparently it was so bad that double bunion surgery was necessary,” it concludes.

That’s right, babycakes!

And if they recur, I guess I’ll just buckle down and do it again.

(God, I’m kind of butch after all.)