“Steve McQueen Was A Fake” Says Movie Costar


In his memoir The Garner Files, movie/TV icon James Garner has this to say about motorcycle maniac Steve McQueen:

“He didn’t like anything. Like Brando, he could be a pain in the ass on the set.

“Unlike Brando, he wasn’t an actor. He was a movie star, a poser who cultivated the image of a macho man.

“Steve wasn’t a bad guy. I think he was just insecure.”

Garner concedes that Steve did well in The Great Escape, which they starred in together, “but you could always see him acting. That’s the kiss of death as far as I’m concerned.”

Worst of all, McQueen was a Republican!

Still, the two actors were friends for many years and Garner even admits to a twinge of jealousy when McQueen somehow made it onto Nixon’s enemies list.

Nixon hated a Republican? Maybe McQueen’s politics were just another pose.