Car Plunges Into Hudson River Off West Side Highway [Updated]


A car plunged into the Hudson River off of the West Side Highway earlier this morning, according to reports. The FDNY confirms the incident and says the call came in at 10:05 a.m. — the vehicle went into the water near West 94th Street. One person was removed from the water prior to FDNY arrival; FDNY says, “they were either taken out of the water or got out on their own.” That individual was transported to St. Luke’s with minor injuries.

As for the Twitter reports of a second individual being missing or deceased, the FDNY could not confirm that at this time. The car (there are no details about the vehicle’s make yet) is still in the water.

If you’re traveling in the area, be aware that you may face delays. We’ll update as things progress.

Update: NBC NY reports that the person rescued is a woman, and that divers searched for, but did not find, additional victims. The woman is “expected to be fine.”

The NYPD has tweeted:

CBS has a photo, and adds, “Officials say a woman [who was rescued] was found floating near the river wall about two blocks north of where the car had crashed.”

Update 2: Cops think the plunge was a suicide attempt.